Dear Guests

What it is all about: A Chefs Affair in 307 Words

In 1982, when I was 12 years old, I realized I wanted to be a Chef. I started an apprenticeship at a one star Michelin restaurant, in Bielefeld, Germany. When I finished I had a certificate as a young Chef.

My first Trip to Ireland was in 1994 and I fell in love with the country, its people and even the rain because it never rains in an Irish Pub.

In these early days, I was studying in Heidelberg, Germany, to become a Bachelor of Hotel Mangement. This I also achieved with a certificate of qualification. At this time the Idea of "Dining out without going out" was born.

This idea is all about the Host, inviting guests to his or her home, for either a family occasion, gathering of friends or just talking business after dessert. No where else could be more private than in your own dining room.

At Chefs Affair, we take extreme care about creating a unique, exclusive 4 course menu, for your dining pleasure. We do all the shopping, prepping and cook right in your own kitchen. Chefs Affair staff caters to all your guest and cleans up after the event is over.

In 2004, I registered as my primary business for Private Households, Restaurants and Hotels in the Area of Mainz, Germany.

A few years later, after countless trips to Ireland I found a cottage in Tragumna.

Being new to West Cork I was eager to learn how to give and take, get my feet on the ground and begin to set roots here in Ireland. I began by having my own food stall in Skibbereen Market selling my own sourdough bread and a three meat sausage or "Bratwurst" made exclusively by Walsh's in Skibbereen, with other daily specials.